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My Own Journey To Self Discovery

I built a career in corporate finance while moving around a lot – living in four different countries across three continents in turn – and having my two children. Over the past 13 years I went through a lot of transitions, including moving homes internationally, experiencing a lot of cultural adaptations, two career changes, becoming a mother, a divorce and a new relationship.

When I settled in the UK eight years ago I found myself lost in terms of the direction my life was taking, but happily I found a therapist whose coaching brought me huge benefits and made me feel supported.

Seeing the transformation that this process brought to my life, I fell in love with psychology and personal development, and this turned into a passion for supporting people and helping them make positive life changes.

In my free time I enjoy staying active, going for walks with my family, playing tennis and reading – both for pleasure and to stay up to date with new ideas in and around my professional field. I also enjoy attending courses on all sorts of topics so I can build my knowledge and hone my skills.

Generally I love making the most of life!

Holistic lifestyle coach London

I work in a trauma-informed way, helping people move towards peace and acceptance, change unhealthy habits and build a happy life despite past events. To support you on this journey I provide a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space.

Emotional, binge eating and wellness Coaching for Behaviour change

My Mission

I am passionate about helping people find wellbeing. Some of us are luckier than others and have a more privileged start, and the circumstances we grow up in can have a profound influence on where we find ourselves as adults, but I believe everyone has the potential to feel happy and fulfilled.

I have a fun-loving, warm personality and a passion for excellence in supporting people to achieve positive and meaningful change. Compassion is an important part of my coaching style.

My greatest reward as a coach is seeing my clients transform themselves and their lives, whether personally, professionally or both. I love to see you get where you want to be! And as a qualified coach I’m here to usher you through a process that will get you there.

My Qualifications

I also own a creative business, a brand of joyful and timeless Art Prints for children and grown-ups, The Noochkin.

My Art Prints have been created with the idea of bringing bright colours, joy and playful humour to any space. They add smiles to everyday life.

I strongly believe that creativity plays a big part in our wellbeing. Expressing ourselves through creative activities can help reduce anxiety, stress and also shape a positive outlook on life. I use creative tools in my practice, helping my clients to access their imagination, which is one of our most powerful tools for healing ourselves.

Safari print with Antelope The Noochkin
Safari print with Antelope The Noochkin