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Your habits don’t define you, so let’s take back control on your terms!

Shake off shame and enjoy sitting in the driving seat of your own life with life coaching.

I’m Olga Phillips, a qualified UK Behaviour Change Coach working with people who want to find freedom from self-destructive patterns and behaviours. With an integrative, holistic approach to life coaching, I help separate you from your habits, and support you in creating a powerful practical system to create effective, long-lasting change.

I also work with clients in periods of transition or transformation, helping them conquer procrastination and come to decisions that feel good.

What I offer

You deserve to feel less trapped and more liberated in life – and by helping you cultivate self-compassion and providing accountability along the way, I want to help you make that change.

“You’ve already had plenty of practice at surviving; I’m here to help you start thriving!”

Olga Phillips

Emotional eating coaching (including binge and disordered eating)

Together we can make peace with food and your body, and change a complex relationship with food to a simple one.


  • spend loads of time thinking about what you should and shouldn’t eat
  • have been trapped in cycles of restrictive dieting
  • have tried every possible trick to stop, but always end up in the same habits
  • obsess and fixate on food, consuming a lot of your time and energy
  • find social gathering challenging – focusing on food rather than interactions
  • use food as a coping mechanism for stress
  • have been in the cycle of shame, guilt and self-blame around food


I can help you break free from bingeing and restrictive patterns. Together, we address both the emotional and behavioural aspects of these habits, rebuilding the connection between body and mind to foster a sense of liberation around food.

Mindset coaching for breaking bad habits and behavioural change

The same habit can be good or bad for different people, because often these views are socially constructed. But if your habit is not serving you well, coaching can press the ‘pause’ button, giving you a chance to reflect, explore and re-evaluate what’s truly important to you..


  • would describe yourself as a ‘grey area’ drinker
  • feel like you’re permanently attached to your phone, other tech or social media
  • have an unhealthy relationship with work
  • have a history of co-dependency in your relationships
  • feel dependent on sex and/or porn
  • constantly shop but never feel satisfied
  • gamble and don’t feel capable of stopping
  • want to restore some equilibrium in your life


We can work to help you find wellbeing and gain back your quality of life. Everyone’s story is unique, so I tailor my approach for each individual, drawing from practical coaching tools, techniques and knowledge from neuroscience, CBT, Polyvagal theory, Transactional Analysis and philosophy.

Coaching for pivots and periods of change

If you’re at a crossroads in your life or uncertain about which direction to take, I can assist in finding clarity on what decision truly feels right for you.

Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost your sense of who you are, or you’re feeling ‘stuck’. Maybe you’ve experienced life-changing events and are looking to redefine your sense of purpose, or you’ve been presented with a decision that’s thrown everything into the air. It can feel overwhelming to know what to do next, but I can help you uncover the answers to these questions and shift the path your life is taking.

This area of coaching stems from my personal life experiences – over the past 13 years, I’ve lived in four countries across three continents, with two career changes, two wonderful children, a divorce and a new relationship. These transitions often come with a mix of fear and anxiety, but the potential rewards can be extraordinary, and I can help you choose the path to take.

Face To Face (indoor or ‘walk & talk’) and Online Bespoke Coaching

I’m Olga, a life coach based in London

I’m a Certified Addictive Behaviour Coach (The Coaching Academy, 2022), a Qualified Personal Performance Coach (The Coaching Academy, 2023) and also a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach (Integrate Training, 2022). My life coaching approach is 360°, ensuring that you’re supported emotionally and practically as you embark on your journey of change. I’m a passionate learner, always expanding my knowledge to bring great results and growth for my clients, and regularly attend CPD courses on topics including eating disorders, trauma, addictions, suicide and relationships.

Central to all of my work is the fundamental belief that whilst change is not always easy, it is always possible. My core values are compassion, respect, and honesty, which together make a powerful combination that facilitates change. As such, I will always champion those who are open to change, and will do everything I can to help you move beyond your present into the future you deserve.


What my clients say

"Olga's extraordinary insight and depth of perception have made a profound and real difference to my life. Her personalised, tailored approach to coaching is a game-changer and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone."
"Working with Olga was extremely impactful. She held space for me to be open and honest with myself and offered tools and valuable insights into how to look at my blind spots and challenge to make better life choices confidently. Highly recommended!"