Mindset coaching for wellness and behaviour change

In the past few years I’ve been pursuing an interest in how people develop habits – and how these habits can become addictions.

Understanding the neuroscience behind the formation of a habit as a coping mechanism takes away the shame and stigma and is an important tool in my support of each client’s holistic wellbeing.

I take an integrative, holistic approach to the process of changing habits – a 360° overview of how we can implement a wellbeing plan in your life. Wellbeing isn’t just about physical exercise; a big part of long-lasting change is about emotional health.

Coaching for wellness and breaking unwanted habits

Areas of behaviours that I can help with:


‘Gray area’ drinking (drinking too much)

Tech / social media overuse


Co-dependency and love

Sex and porn addiction

Compulsive shopping


Gaming addiction

"The best feeling in the world is finally knowing you took a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that you never thought was possible, is possible.”

Holistic lifestyle and wellness coaching

We all know that change can be uncomfortable.

In fact, we tend to stick within our comfort zone even if it doesn’t feel good, rather than stretch ourselves a little bit in order to step into our potential.

Yet this change is a profound journey that leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. It is an inner and outer process that will guide you to align your wellbeing, and your life, with your vision and values; a gentle awakening that will empower you to prioritise what has value, meaning and purpose for you. It is the ultimate act of self-care.

My approach

I cultivate self-compassion, self-acceptance and I provide accountability throughout the journey. I believe long-lasting change is only possible by gaining clarity on who you are as a person, your values, and your true beliefs.

Understanding your long-term vision and how your habits align with it is crucial. After delving deeply into discovering who you are, we use practical, powerful tools to implement this vision and overall wellbeing plan into your life. 

I am passionate about helping people find wellbeing. Some of us are luckier than others and have a more privileged start, and the circumstances we grow up in can profoundly influence where we find ourselves as adults. However, I believe everyone has the potential to feel happy and fulfilled.


For behaviour change coaching I work with a minimum of 10 sessions (3 months commitment minimum), £70 per session. First session is 1.5hrs, followed by 1 hr sessions.

I offer:

– Zoom sessions from anywhere in the world

– Face-to-Face sessions in Cobham (KT11), UK

–  Walk-and-Talk sessions within 7mi of Weybridge (KT13), UK